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Tankards & Challices

Poschinger Glassworks since 1568

There’s no better way to drink. Guaranteed!

Chalices with highly intricate cutting work on the cup section, stem and base

Chalices and tankards with intricate hand engraving

Reproduction of a tankard for an historical silver mount. Crystal glass, intricately cut and engraved

Lidded chalices

Flashed glass chalice

artdentity, Würzburg, Germany

Reproduction of a glass jug for a silver mount. Crystal glass with a hand-cut spoked mount

Beer tankard with coloured handle as well as pewter lid and engraved coat of arms

Beer tankard with sandblasted decoration and blue glass insert within the pewter lid

Bavarian State Chancellery, Munich, Germany

Reproduction of the stem and base of a chalice

Water jug with cut decorations

Sandblasted decoration on a beer tankard

Wrigley GmbH, Unterhaching, Germany

Beer tankard with pewter lid and detailed hand engraving

MillerCoors Brewing Company, Chicago IL, USA

Venetian decorative jug with lid

Cobalt blue jug with crystal glass handle

Chalice with intricate hand engraving

Large lidded chalice with hunting engraving

Beer tankard with pewter lid and detailed hand engraving

Chalice with fine hand engraving

Large beer tankard with cut facets and fine hand engraving work

Production of a crystal glass chalice with intricately cut decorations

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