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Poschinger Glasmanufaktur

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Glass. Art. Experience.

Poschinger Glassworks since 1568

Europe’s top address for custom and specially-made glass — we turn ideas and wishes into glass reality

The Freiherr von Poschinger glassworks has been synonymous with glass of the highest quality and immaculate handcrafts for four and a half centuries. Every customer wish, no matter how abstract, is turned into glass reality here. As a result, we are committed to completing every production step by hand. The flexible structure of our small cottage glassworks with just 30 employees makes it possible to produce objects from just one piece upwards – a major factor in making us Europe’s top address for custom and specially-made glass objects.

Custom glass

Freiherr von Poschinger glassworks is Europe’s top address for custom and specially-made glass. De manu factum: Every production step is done by hand.

Experience glass

During a tour of the works or a visit to the historical production hall, guests can experience the production of mouth-blown and hand-made glass up-close.

One-of-a-kind items

A broad selection of drinks glasses, vases, lamps and garden accessories as well as creative one-of-a-kind pieces are showcased in the glassworks shop. Every glass item is a unique hand-made object.

As the link between the worlds of handcraft and industry, cottage industry is distinctive as its production is based on the collaboration of employees specialising in different disciplines. Cottage industry means innovation – but without giving up manual production traditions and art in craftsmanship. Instead, modern technology is used to constantly improve the products and make them the best of their type. The “Verband Deutsche Manufakturen e. V.” (German Cottage Industry Association) named the Freiherr von Poschinger glassworks “Cottage Industry Company of the Year 2016” – an award we are extremely proud of!

The Bavarian Forest is one of the most attractive landscapes in Europe. The region’s unique blend of wild nature, maintained traditions and Bavarian hospitality is incomparable in its value. As a company with almost 450 years of history, we are well anchored within the region and we are committed to caring for and protecting it as best we can. As a certified partner of the Bavarian Forest National Park, we support the philosophy of Germany’s first national park – allowing nature to develop according to its own laws and making it accessible for visitors.

The manual production of mouth-blown hollow and flat glass was adopted into the nationwide directory of intangible cultural heritage in 2015. Complex knowledge and a wealth of experience is required for the techniques used in manual glass making, and perfection requires ten years of training in the best case scenario according to the expert committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage at the German UNESCO Commission: “The roughly 500 carriers of this knowledge in Germany today are working to prevent this technical know-how from disappearing.”

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